These are a few of my favorite things!

My Favorite Shipping Tools for Etsy Sellers

Thermal Label Printer

I love this printer and have used it for 6+ years. Easy to format with Etsy and no ink is required.

Refill Lables

I only use the Dymo brand as off brand labels can break your printer.

Shipping Scale

Perfect for weighing orders up to 50 lbs. Affordable and this has worked for me for years!

Bubble Mailers

These are the highest quality mailers I’ve found! Come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Rigid Stay Flat Mailers

Perfect for shipping stationery, greeting cards, prints, or any other flat item. 

Shipping Tape

I use these with USPS flat rate boxes and buying in bulk saves $!

Office Necessities

Motivational Water Bottle

This has been a hydration game changer for me! And it’s so cute 🙂

Salt Lamp

For a little office glow and energy.

Flexible Tripod

To get the PERFECT angle for product photos and videos using your phone!

Grow your Mindset, Grow your Business

Gratitude Journal

Start your day with gratitude and watch your business bloom!

Money Manifestation

This workbook is awesome and teaches you how to call more money into your life! (IT WORKS)

You are a Badass

I reread this every year because it is THAT GOOD. Amazing advice on going after what you want.

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I recommend each of these products because I’ve used and love them – and think you will too!

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