you've tried it all, but you're stuck.

What if I told you with just a few strategic tweaks that you can design a more profitable shop? Get found on Etsy, make consistent sales, and feel excited about your biz again.

wondering what the secret sauce is
to having a successful shop?

You started your Etsy shop, because you love creating. The cha-chings haven't been quite as fast or frequent as you dreamed about. You know you need to make some changes to your shop, but aren't sure where to start. You just need a little help, friend!

I’m giving you the exact steps and actionable to-dos to make sure you’re maximizing your listings.

Give your shop the makeover it deserves to create consistent sales and become a profitable business.

You’ll feel confident in your products, shop, and marketing after completing the Strong Shop Makeover.

What if you could...

Make a few adjustments to your Etsy shop and see success? Stop spending hours searching Google and scouring Facebook groups for advice that you’re not even sure works. Feel confident in the changes you’re making and get your time back.


The Strong shop makeover

This 20 page guide will give you the exact steps you need to audit your Etsy and design a strong shop. From mindset and social media to SEO and branding, I’m sharing everything I know about Etsy to help you grow your business! The Strong Shop Makeover is actionable and straight to the point – no fluff, so you can get back to creating asap.

Strong Shop Guide

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you can be one of the successful ones

With your encouragement and very helpful tips, and a little work, I have seen such a transformation. (Yay!) I also have business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and am following your advice on using social media. I would like to thank you SO MUCH for the time you’ve put into this resource!
– Lindsey D
I’m a total beginner and have never had my own shop before, your course made me dig in and take my shop seriously. I found it helpful, inspiring, and easy to understand. Thank you so much!
– Anne A 

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Hey there, i'm steph

I started my first Etsy shop in 2013 with a handful of products and zero idea what I was doing. I made a LOT of mistakes, but also learned a lot of lessons. In 2015, I quit my job in insurance to pursue my online business full time. 

I launched my second shop this year and was able to see success much quicker implementing the strategies that I teach my students.

There’s so much more to having a successful online shop than just setting it up and waiting for the orders roll in. I’m sharing everything I’ve learned in the last 7 years to help you grow your biz, pursue your passion, and love Mondays a little more!

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The guide will be available immediately after purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! We don’t focus on a particular type of product, but strategies for your listings, overall shop, and how to grow your business.

A large portion of the makeover will be auditing your products and listings, so the more you have, the longer it will take. Upleveling your Etsy shop is a marathon, not a sprint, and I recommend breaking up the sections to fully implement everything you’ve learned. 

I do not guarantee results. If you go through the guide, do the work, and do not find value, I will provide a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

You’ll need to look into the data to give your shop a strong makeover. The longer you’ve been selling, or the more orders you have, the more data there will be to work with. If your shop is brand new, I recommend waiting 30 days from opening to implement the makeover.

The majority of the makeover is strategies that are overall good practices for Etsy and not tactics that will become outdated. If there are significant changes on Etsy, we will send you an updated version of the makeover guide! 

Are you ready to uplevel your etsy shop or what?