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…so that you start your Etsy shop on the right foot and avoid rookie mistakes!

Whether you have a product in mind or don’t even know where to start (no shame), we’ll start at zero to define, price, and market your product pre-Etsy shop launch.

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I really enjoyed this course! It was straight to the point, with tasks that were easy to understand and do! My favorite part of the course is learning how to price your items. I was not entirely sure how to start that process, but the formula totally makes sense and is super helpful.
– Beate M
I’m a total beginner and have never had my own shop before, your course made me dig in and take my shop seriously. I found it helpful, inspiring, and easy to understand. Thank you so much!
– Anne A 

I took the Perfect Your Product course and it helped me decide what I want to sell on Etsy. I just wanted to thank you for being so motivating and helpful – even though you weren’t speaking directly to me, if felt like you were. I finally followed your advice and JUST DID IT and I’m so glad my shop is finally open and out there in the world!

– Mara B of maramaestudio

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The exact steps needed to refine and perfect your product – from zero. 

Broken into 5 short video lessons with worksheets.


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frequently asked:

I already have a product in mind, in this right for me? 

Yep! You’re one step ahead (star student status) and can jump straight into learning how to test the market, price for profit, and defining your ideal buyer. Even if you think your product is close to perfect, I bet you’ll find something to improve!

I have no idea what I could sell on Etsy, is this right for me?

Definitely! You’ll get instant access to my list of 100+ product ideas, sure to spark some inspiration! You’ll learn what to look for in a successful product so you can launch quicker, with less mistakes.