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Launch Your Etsy Shop (in 5 days!)


Think you’re too busy to open an Etsy shop?

Think again.

I get it, you’re a busy little bee. That’s why I’ve created this course, to guide you step-by-step to launch your Etsy shop in just five days!

Imagine: After launching your shop, you can focus on doing what you do best, creating, because your shop foundation is strong. Your items are displayed well, your titles are on point, and the sales are rolling in. Say goodbye to constant Google searches, because I’ll walk you through pricing your products and creating a streamlined shipping strategy.



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What is included in this course?

This course is a combination of videos and PDF guides to walk you through launching. You can work through at your own pace while applying the strategies to opening your Etsy shop. Worksheets and checklists are included for each day to keep you on track!

Lessons start at zero, assuming you have no experience with Etsy. Already familiar with the platform? Then you’ll catch on easily.

You’ll start by going through two days of pre-launch tasks, including the administrative tasks to setting up your shop, getting organized, pricing your product, photography for your items, and creating a shipping strategy.

The course will guide you to stocking your shop, creating tags and titles to help you get found, and writing keyword-rich listing descriptions.

We’ll discuss branding and social media accounts, how to get traffic to your shop, and ways to constantly improve and grow sales.


Who is this course for?

Launch Your Etsy Shop in Five Days is for creatives and makers who have a product, but aren’t sure how to turn their hobby into a business. I’ll guide you step-by-step through each part of opening your shop. Tasks are broken into five manageable days so there’s no risk of feeling overwhelmed!

This opportunity is right for people who are eager to sell (or sell more) and are willing to put in the work to make it happen. The lessons and application should take less than a couple hours each day, however there will be some additional homework to get things really rolling!

Who is this course not for?

This course isn’t guaranteeing an overnight success or that you’ll get rich quickly. Lessons are focused on guiding you to building a strong foundation on Etsy to support a growing business. If you’re not willing to put in some work, and learn a few new things, this course may not be for you.

We’re focusing on launching your shop. If you’re already selling on Etsy, this particular offering isn’t best for you, but stay tuned because resources for improving your Etsy shop and sales are coming in the near future!

Are you ready?

Get ready to take your hobby to the next level. You’ll be making sales in no time!