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Perfect Your Product


Pre-Launching Your Etsy Shop Mini Course

You’ll learn:

  • The major Etsy product categories and 100+ ideas for handmade items to sell
  • How to do market research and make sure your product is something buyers are looking for
  • Pricing for profit, including costs for materials, expenses, and labor (’cause you need to pay yourself!)
  • Defining an ideal client to market to one
  • What you’ll need to launch your Etsy shop – and start selling!


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Who is this course for?

Passionate creatives and makers who are ready to make money selling handmade items on Etsy. If you already have a product idea, this will help you firm up the specs. If you’re not sure what you want to sell, I’ll share some of my favorite ideas and how to choose something you’ll love.

We’ll take things one day at a time to perfect your product, ensuring success when you launch your Etsy shop!

What is included in this course?

Each day you’ll have access to a new video based on the daily topic. Worksheets and action items are included to help you keep moving forward.