Find Your Niche and Grow Your Business

Anyone established in the world of online business, blogging, or selling will tell you that it’s of upmost important to “find your niche”. So what the heck is a niche and how do you find yours? Think of a niche as a business’ specialty or what they’re best known for offering. By focusing on a specific market, product, or service you are able to really hone in on finding quality clients. Although it might feel limiting (I’ve been there and often struggle with it still) finding the true heart of your offerings will allow you to market as an authority figure on that subject or product.

Imagine you’re searching for a wedding photographer. You find two great options in your price range – the first photographer not only photographs weddings, but families and corporate events. This photographer also advertises a floral business and offers graphic design services as well. The second photographer you come across is strictly a wedding photographer. Although both could have shot the same number of weddings, which one appears more qualified to you to hire?

It appears the first photographer has multiple income streams, which is good, but is all across the board with their offerings. Are they really as passionate about weddings if they are marketing to corporate clients as well? You might feel that the second photographer is limiting him or herself by only shooting weddings, but by focusing on a niche, they are positioning themselves as an authority figure. This photographer is truly labeled as a wedding photographer and appears to be an expert on that subject.

In my business experience, I’ve struggled with sticking to a niche because I want to do #allthethings. I hate limiting myself, but know that by creating a brand and a focus, I will attract the quality of clients I want to work with. Before starting a business, you probably have ideas buzzing around as to all the different things you could do. Remember that could doesn’t always mean you should. Try finding your niche as you get started and see where it will lead you.

Finding Your Niche

I have a few tips for finding your niche, your passion, and a starting point for your business. Ask yourself:

What comes easily to me?

Just because something comes easy to you, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t interested and willing to pay for it. Sure, you might have a knack for interior decorating and are able to visualize a room’s potential quickly. To you, it’s second nature to understand how to define and decorate a space. However, there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t even know where to start. Think about the skills that come easily to you, this will lead you in the direction of figuring out your niche.

What do I enjoy?

Whether it is scrapbooking, refinishing old furniture, or organizing and responding to emails, think about the tasks that you really enjoy doing. Those tasks that might seem like work to other people, but that you enjoy. I think defining your niche is also realizing your passion and delving into what you enjoy will help you find that!

What do people tell you you’re good at doing?

When friends come to you repeatedly for specific things, there’s a major hint that whatever you’re doing is good! Have people asking you to help plan baby showers? Think about crafting party décor, designing invitations, or event planning. Do neighbors constantly want you to take their family photos even though photography is just a hobby? If your craft is being appreciated, consider taking the steps to make it a money-maker rather than just a interest.

Really take some time to discover the answers to these questions. Once you have an idea of what your niche might be, do some research. Look to see if anyone else is serving this niche and if so: how many people, who they are, and what they’re offering. Think about what you can do differently (or better!) to stand out while keeping true to your focus and passion.

How to find your niche and why it's important to growing your business