Wondering how to grow your Etsy shop? Adding new listings is one of my favorite hacks for expanding your online store — and it’s probably easier to do than you think!

Spoiler: you don’t have to create entirely new products, or even from scratch listings, to grow your Etsy shop if you’re selling made to order items!

Etsy Myths

There are a few Etsy rumors floating around about needing a certain number of listings to get started or to see success. 

Do you need 10 listings to start an Etsy shop? Nope! Is it a great recommendation? Sure. I started my second Etsy shop earlier this year and launched with only three listings. I got my first sale before I added 10 items total. It can be done!

Do you need 100 listings to see success on Etsy? Absolutely not. Is it a great recommendation? It depends. If you have 100 amazing items within a single niche, that can really do wonders for you. Throwing together 100 listings just for the heck of it isn’t going to bring any magic. Quality over quantity, friend.

The reasons for these recommendations do have a purpose. With more items in your shop, you have a higher chance at appearing in search results, thus getting views and sales. It also helps your overall shop to appear more professional. Many buyers hop over to your shop’s page after they land on an item and if they don’t see a stocked shop it can seem a little fishy.

Another benefit of having a full shop – your buyers are more likely to purchase multiple items for you. They like what they see and want to pay you for it! (That’s the dream, am I right?!) 

Again, that’s absolutely NOT to say these numbers are a requirement – I’m 100% positive there’s a shop out there somewhere just killing it with only a few listings. And depending on your niche/industry, having just a handful of high quality items might be a good thing!

Easily Create New Listings for your Etsy Shop

When you’re just getting started, it can feel really overwhelming to think of adding new products to your shop. I get it! What if I told you, you don’t have to create a new product – or even a brand new listing to grow your Etsy shop?

Duplicating, or copying, listings is an awesome Etsy hack for adding new listings to your shop! Here’s the gist: you copy an existing listing, make some tweaks, and publish. That’s it. Told you it was easy.

Here’s an example of two listings I have of the same product, just using different photos!

Why you should Copy an Etsy Listing

Increasing your number of Etsy listings isn’t just for the heck of adding more items to your shop, although that’s a great reason to do it! 

Etsy gives a little boost, temporarily, to new listings. The platform bumps your item up in search results to see how browsers interact with it – meaning more eyes on your listing! Consistently adding new listings keep your shop relevant, both in the eyes of Etsy and shoppers.

Not only does copying your listings add more “options” to your Etsy shop, but it’s also a great way to split test.

What is split testing? It’s a way to compare performance between two like listings, with one variable changed. Within your shop data, you’ll be able to find a “winner” to see which gets the most views and sales.

For example, I can see clearly which of these listings is getting more views and converting better. The photos are only slightly different, so this is a great split test of keywords.

reading etsy analytics

This feedback can help you tweak photos, titles, and tags throughout the rest of your shop to optimize conversions and reach your ideal buyer. Cha-ching!

How to Copy an Etsy Listings

This is the easy part – just go to your listing and click “copy”. If you want to do a true split test, you should only change one variable at a time. Making multiple changes (for example, a new main photo and new tags) doesn’t make for a perfect split test, but this can still provide you some valuable feedback!

Once you’re on the listing edit page, make your changes! I like to drag a different photo from the listing for a new primary photo. I also will switch up the title and use some different keywords a buyer might search to find my items. Then, change your tags to match your new title. Finally, “publish copy” and you’re done!

Copying an Etsy listing should take no more than a couple of minutes. You can repeat these steps for every item in your shop and literally DOUBLE the number of listings for sale – quick and easy!

Bundle Your Listings

Another way to increase the listings in your Etsy shop is to create a bundle of items. This is one of my favorite things to do for something like digital printables, but could be done with many types of products. Offer a set of 2 of whatever you sell for slightly less than if they purchased two separately or position it as a complimentary product set: bracelet and matching earrings, dog bowl and bandana, etc!

This gives people options and they feel like they’re getting a deal if they upgrade to a bundle set! Would love for you to share ideas of how you can bundle your products in the comments below!