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How to Use Video for your Etsy Listings

This post is long overdue because Etsy announced the feature of videos in product listings last year. It started as a beta, but now it is it seems to be a permanent feature on the platform – and one I highly recommend utilizing! Read on for why I think you should be incorporating video into your Etsy shop and easy ways to do so.

Why Use Video in your Etsy Shop

According to the test data that Etsy provides, they came to the conclusion that buyers are more likely to purchase items if the listings include a video. If Etsy believes your listening are more likely to convert, they’re going to push them up in search results. So basically. they’re giving listings with video preference to those who don’t have it. 


All this to say, if you’re not utilizing video in your Etsy shop it is definitely time to start! I think the idea of creating video can be really intimidating but it doesn’t have to be – promise!


How to create new listings, grow your Etsy shop, and get more sales

Wondering how to grow your Etsy shop? Adding new listings is one of my favorite hacks for expanding your online store — and it’s probably easier to do than you think!

Spoiler: you don’t have to create entirely new products, or even from scratch listings, to grow your Etsy shop if you’re selling made to order items!

Etsy Myths

There are a few Etsy rumors floating around about needing a certain number of listings to get started or to see success. 

Do you need 10 listings to start an Etsy shop? Nope! Is it a great recommendation? Sure. I started my second Etsy shop earlier this year and launched with only three listings. I got my first sale before I added 10 items total. It can be done!


Starting an Etsy Shop during a Global Pandemic

Who would do something as crazy as starting a new business during a global pandemic? Hey, what’s up, hello – I’m Steph. I opened a new Etsy shop at the end of March – and here’s how it went.

Yes, I started an Etsy shop during a global pandemic. And it went like...

Choosing Action

What is supposed to be my busiest season of the year as a wedding invitation designer was brought to a screeching halt by the virus-that-shall-not-be named. Along with everyone else, I felt all the emotions: shock, worry, and confusion. 

Those feelings quickly turned into a realization that my business was put on hold. I found myself with some extra time and much less income. I imagined worst case scenarios, but decided to jump into action rather than waiting around for answers that no one had. 


Why Etsy Isn’t Enough

You carefully set up your shop, perfectly edit your product photos, write detailed listing descriptions, and research keywords for tags and titles. You’re ready to take over the world – the online selling world, at least. Your expectations are high. You wait, but sales aren’t happening as quickly as you imagined.

You’re confused as to why your Etsy success isn’t rapidly approaching. You watch your views and traffic sources, waiting for the moment your shop explodes. That moment doesn’t come and you feel frustration. You blame Etsy, or worse, yourself, and feel like a failure.

You've opened an Etsy shop, now what?

Spoiler alert: Opening an Etsy shop isn’t enough. You have to do the work outside of Etsy and drive traffic to your shop, to create a shop that will continue to grow. 


How to Set Up Google Analytics for Etsy

If the words “Google Analytics” prompt a blank stare from you, you’re not alone. As an Etsy seller, you might believe you don’t need such an in depth tool – yet or possibly, ever. 

Even if you aren’t really ready to use it, setting up Google Analytics is never a bad idea. You can’t go back and get the data, it only starts reporting once set up. So basically, the longer you have it active, the more information you have to work with!

I’m going to tell you more about the tool and how to set up Google Analytics for Etsy.

How to set up Google Analytics for Etsy 2020

What is Google Analytics?

Google provides Analytics as a tool to measure and report website traffic. It’s totally free to use (yay!) and has so many features. To be honest, it’s quite overwhelming but if you’re a data nerd like me, also fascinating. 

You can set goals, track behavior, learn about your audience, see conversations – and much, much more. It’s full of insights that can help to grow your traffic, sales, and business.