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How Knowing Your Ideal Client Will Grow Your Business

It’s the marketing term you’ve probably heard over and over again: “ideal client”. But what the heck is an ideal client? What does that mean and why is it important?

I’m going to share the answers to these questions and help you figure out how to create your own ideal client profile so you can grow your business. Ready? Let’s do it!

How knowing and defining your ideal client can help you grow your business

What is an “Ideal Client”?

If you’ve been in business for a while, think about your favorite past client or customer. What did you like so much about him or her? Why was it so enjoyable to work with that person? How did they find your business?

If you’re a newer business owner, think about the types of people you would love to work with or sell to. What’s their style? What type of things do they care most about?

The person you’re thinking of, or imagining up, is your ideal client. They’re a joy to work with, love your business, and can’t get enough of your products. If every single customer was like this person, you would truly feel like you were running a dream biz! Every. Single. Day.


10 Things To Do the First Year Selling on Etsy

You’ve opened up your Etsy shop, now what?

So you’ve read my getting started on Etsy guide, stocked your shop, and shared your new venture with friends and family. All the hard work is done, right? If you think it’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for sales – you are going to be disappointed.

What to do as a new Etsy seller to get more sales and grow your business!

After you open your Etsy shop, the real fun begins! There’s still work to be done, I mean this is a growing business, right?


An Etsy Seller’s Christmas Wish List

If you’re like me, hearing “what do you want for Christmas?” leads me to feeling materialistic and unfulfilled. Gift giving can be hard, but I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite things that any Etsy seller would love! There’s no guilt in wanting to support your biz.

Add these to your Christmas list and share with your family so they know exactly what you want – to help you grow your business in 2019!

My favorite tools and products for growing your Etsy shop in 2019!

For Getting Organized

Handmade Biz Financial Bundle If you’re struggling with bookkeeping, finances, pricing, expenses, or inventory – this favorite is a must have! The bundle includes the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet (bookkeeping template designed for makers selling on Etsy), Inventory and Pricing Spreadsheet (compute your costs, organize your materials, and formulate pricing including expenses) and video tutorials to teach you exactly how to use these tools!

Goal Getter Planner This makes for the perfect stocking stuffer! I love the simplicity of this planner and the motivational quotes included. At only $7 you can buy one for yourself and one to gift.


Pinterest for Etsy Sellers

I highly recommend Pinterest for Etsy sellers – it’s my favorite marketing platform and new improvements are making it even better. I’m going to tell you exactly why I think it’s the best, how to connect your Etsy shop to your Pinterest account, and how to make the most out of the platform. I’ve included a free checklist at the bottom of this post with step-by-step directions on setting everything up!

How to use Pinterest as an Etsy seller - set up a business account, link your Etsy shop, reach more buyers, increase sales!

Setting up an Etsy shop and waiting isn’t enough. Actually, doing that is a major biz fail. Etsy is wonderful, but you don’t become a business by just opening a shop. You have to drive traffic from other sources to the platform if you really want your sales to grow – and if you want this to be more than just a hobby.

Why Pinterest?

Pins Live Longer than Posts

When you add content to Pinterest (a pin), it is similar to planting a seed. Water the seed, maintain the plant, and watch it grow! The sooner you get started on Pinterest the better. As your pins continue to get re-pins, your content reach gains traction. A product you pinned a year ago could lead to traffic today.

Posts on other social media platforms (I’m looking at you Facebook and Instagram) have a very short life. According to, the average life span of an Instagram post is about 48 hours but engagement starts to taper after 6. Facebook posts only last about 5 hours. Crazy, right? That’s why I love Pinterest for Etsy sellers – it’s like the gift that keeps on giving!


How to Fail at Etsy

You’ve spent your time choosing a perfect shop name, mastering your product, and taking photos but the cha-chings haven’t started rolling in yet. It can be so frustrating to feel like the time you invested in getting set up is wasted.

How to Fix Etsy Mistakes for New Sellers

I hear it all the time – people become very impatient when they don’t get their first sale quickly. They start wondering what they did wrong and begin pondering if starting an Etsy shop was even worth it.

If you’re reading this, you might be one of said people. And I’ve gotta tell you to slow your roll and/or hold your horses because Etsy success does not happen overnight! Giving up on your shop will guarantee that you never get that first sale. Continuing to invest your time, put work into it, and try new strategies ensures that it will happen. I promise!