Why Etsy Isn’t Enough

You carefully set up your shop, perfectly edit your product photos, write detailed listing descriptions, and research keywords for tags and titles. You’re ready to take over the world – the online selling world, at least. Your expectations are high. You wait, but sales aren’t happening as quickly as you imagined.

You’re confused as to why your Etsy success isn’t rapidly approaching. You watch your views and traffic sources, waiting for the moment your shop explodes. That moment doesn’t come and you feel frustration. You blame Etsy, or worse, yourself, and feel like a failure.

You've opened an Etsy shop, now what?

Spoiler alert: Opening an Etsy shop isn’t enough. You have to do the work outside of Etsy and drive traffic to your shop, to create a shop that will continue to grow. 


How to Set Up Google Analytics for Etsy

If the words “Google Analytics” prompt a blank stare from you, you’re not alone. As an Etsy seller, you might believe you don’t need such an in depth tool – yet or possibly, ever. 

Even if you aren’t really ready to use it, setting up Google Analytics is never a bad idea. You can’t go back and get the data, it only starts reporting once set up. So basically, the longer you have it active, the more information you have to work with!

I’m going to tell you more about the tool and how to set up Google Analytics for Etsy.

How to set up Google Analytics for Etsy 2020

What is Google Analytics?

Google provides Analytics as a tool to measure and report website traffic. It’s totally free to use (yay!) and has so many features. To be honest, it’s quite overwhelming but if you’re a data nerd like me, also fascinating. 

You can set goals, track behavior, learn about your audience, see conversations – and much, much more. It’s full of insights that can help to grow your traffic, sales, and business.


Selling Custom Products on Etsy

I can’t claim to have tens of thousands of sales on Etsy – because I’m not selling a ready to buy, off the shelf, inexpensive product. 

I sell wedding invitations and work with couples one-on-one throughout the process to design their stationery, print and assemble, address their envelopes – the whole shabang! In 2019, my average order was $1,143 and I consider it to be not only a boutique product, but also a luxury service.

How to sell custom products on Etsy Truth be told, not all of my invitation orders come from Etsy. However that is where my business started in 2013. I opened my Etsy shop (with zero clue what I was doing) selling notecards and graduation announcements. A year and a half later, I dove into the wedding side of things and began offering full service wedding invitations. Less than a year after that, I quit my job to pursue my business full time.


Creating Pins for your Etsy Shop

If you’re not using Pinterest to grow your Etsy shop, you are missing out on a huge opportunity! There are 250 million users on Pinterest and 87% have made a purchase because of the platform. People are searching, planning, and purchasing on Pinterest – they’re ready to buy, which is why it’s such a natural fit for Etsy products. 

How to create pins for your Etsy Shop

Before you dive into this post, you might want to check out this one – I’m sharing even more on why I love Pinterest so much (it’s my favorite marketing tool, hands down) and how to set up a business profile connecting your Etsy shop!

So, what the heck do you pin to Pinterest? Well, Pinterest is a visual platform so it’s important that we put our best photos and content forward – just like we do on Etsy. The goal is to have a browser stop their scroll and click on your pin. When they do, they can choose to save your pin for later (repin) or click through to make a purchase on Etsy.


The Worst Etsy Advice, Ever.

If my worst enemy came to me and said, “Steph, tell me what to do for Etsy success” with intentions of becoming my biggest competition, here’s exactly what I would tell them – aka what NOT to do when starting your Etsy business.

The worst advice for starting an Etsy shop, ever! Only tips I would give to my worst enemy.

Don’t open your Etsy shop until everything is perfect.

Take lots of time to research, plan, and create strategies. Make sure you read every informational blog post, listen to every podcast, and take several paid courses. You should spend a few months learning everything you can before you open your shop.

It’s important to know exactly what you’ll do in every situation, how you’ll ship every order, and respond to customer questions. Write down exactly what you plan to do for every scenario you can think of – you can never be too prepared!