Get Legit: Setting up your Etsy Shop’s Financial Foundation

Setting up shop on Etsy is a super exciting time. Sharing your art + talent with the world (and getting money in exchange!) is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. But as you begin this journey, you may quickly realize that operating an Etsy shop is not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s real work involved, and even before the sales start pouring in, you’ll want to make sure you’ve gotten the financial and legal side of things squared away correctly.

Not sure where to start with finances for your Etsy shop? Janet is sharing tips on bookkeeping, taxes, and more for Etsy sellers!

Today I’m going to offer you a brief overview of the steps required to get the financial side of your business set up properly. One of the biggest challenges we as makers face is that we often don’t even know all the rules that apply to us, so luckily I’ve got this handy printable checklist here for you to help you follow along.


How to Use Instagram for your Etsy Shop

Social media is rapidly increasingly in popularity for marketing our online businesses. Instagram is one of my favorite promotional platforms to use as an Etsy seller. Since our physical products are so visual, Instagram is the perfect place to share them with the world.

Instagram for Etsy

If you haven’t heard of Instagram, you might be living under a rock. Seriously. It’s the social media channel that made it possible to allow an inside look at our favorite celebs, get inspired to travel, work on our photography skills, and keep in touch with friends. Instagram is totally free and likely will remain that way, a la Facebook. Not only is it a place to get social, but also a way to reach potential buyers for our Etsy shops.

I have a personal Instagram account full of fun times with friends, vacation days, and other random photos. I created a separate account to promote my Etsy shop for a few reasons. First, although my friends support my business, I didn’t want to spam them with photos of wedding invitations. Many of my friends are following my business account, but keeping it separate was important to me.

For potential buyers, it appears much more professional to have a dedicated account for your Etsy products. I encourage the occasional personal post so that your followers do know there’s a human behind the screen, but adding family photos and/or memes on your business account regularly can send a mixed message.


Why You Should Consider Selling on Etsy

Hesitant about opening an Etsy shop?

Reasons to consider opening an Etsy shop

There are a ton of pros and cons to choosing to sell your products on Etsy. Depending on which person you ask, you’re going to get varied feedback. I’ll be the first to admit Etsy isn’t perfect, but it is a great platform for people just getting their online businesses started. In my opinion, if you’re selling any type of handmade good, you can’t afford to not be on Etsy.

Great place to start

When you’re just getting started, there are several reasons why Etsy is a perfect place to begin selling. The start up costs are extremely low, there are no reoccurring fees for membership or subscriptions, and it’s relatively easy to set up.


Why I’m Creating the Launch your Etsy Course

Launch Your Etsy Course

I designed my Guide to Getting Started for those interested in opening an Etsy shop, curious what it takes to sell online, or wanting some tips for improving their sales. I was blown away at the feedback of how many people found it useful and it made me jump for joy.

The guide was created as a personal passion project (say that three times fast!) to help other creatives pursue their passions. Etsy was the gateway that led me to entrepreneurship and I want to encourage others to do the same! Read all about how I turned my hobby into a business using Etsy here.

The freedom I now have is so, so valuable and I feel like I’m living my best life. If I can help others do the same, what’s better than that?

The guide full of actionable information, but for those ready to dive deeper I’ve created a course: Launch Your Etsy Shop in 5 Days. Why?


How Much Does It Cost to Start an Etsy Shop?

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Etsy Shop?


In the early stages of any new venture, keeping finances as low as possible is always a big priority. One of the things I love about Etsy is that the monetary commitment to getting started is relatively low. It’s technically free to have an Etsy shop!

There are no overall start up costs to setting up on the site itself. You’ll pay a small fee to list each item and will pay the processing charges once it sells. With Etsy, you’re not paying any monthly reoccurring fees to keep your shop running which is really great crucial when you’re just beginning.

With a stand-alone website, you have to buy a domain, hosting, template or theme, and often some type plugin or ecommerce subscription in order to list and sell products. In most cases, you’ll be charged every year for your domain and hosting as they are annual fees which can be a few hundred dollars.