Launch Your Etsy Course

I designed my Guide to Getting Started for those interested in opening an Etsy shop, curious what it takes to sell online, or wanting some tips for improving their sales. I was blown away at the feedback of how many people found it useful and it made me jump for joy.

The guide was created as a personal passion project (say that three times fast!) to help other creatives pursue their passions. Etsy was the gateway that led me to entrepreneurship and I want to encourage others to do the same! Read all about how I turned my hobby into a business using Etsy here.

The freedom I now have is so, so valuable and I feel like I’m living my best life. If I can help others do the same, what’s better than that?

The guide full of actionable information, but for those ready to dive deeper I’ve created a course: Launch Your Etsy Shop in 5 Days. Why?

When I started, I just went for it. It kinda worked, but it could have been WAY better. I want to take the guessing games and late nights searching all the things on Google out of it for you. All the steps, from zero to first sale, will all be nicely packaged in the launch course.

I surveyed my email list and found that the majority of my audience hasn’t opened Etsy shops – even after downloading my guide. I know the reasons for the hesitation: money, time, and straight up feelings of overwhelm.

Starting an Etsy shop is extremely affordable and relatively low risk in terms of financial investment. There are no start up costs or reoccurring monthly fee – you pay a very small charge to list an item and cover the processing payment cost when it sales. You can read more about the cost of opening an Etsy shop in my post below.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Etsy Shop?

Since cost is so low, it isn’t what’s holding most folks back from launching – it’s the time investment and the “where do I even start?” feeling. I’m confident that I can help in these areas, which led me to create the course with a focus on launching quickly. I aim to keep it as simple as possible, so you can get things up and going to start making sales!

Who’s the Course For?

The Launch Your Etsy Shop in Five Days course is for creatives and makers who have a product, but are feeling overwhelmed about setting up an online shop. You may sell to friends and family, on Facebook, or even via Instagram – but the unknown of the Etsy world is holding you back.

Maybe you’ve heard negative things about selling on Etsy, have no idea how to ship your products, or can’t even fathom writing a listing description. I’m here to tell you that as long as you follow the rules, there’s nothing to be scared of. In fact, you should be feeling super excited for this new adventure! Figuring out the perefect strategies for your shop is a learning process, but I can help you create the foundation. Once you dive into the course, you’ll be writing listing descriptions, shipping products, and growing your business with ease. I’ve got you, promise!

5 Days, No Excuses

It’s 2017 and we’re all busy. We feel like our time is maxed out and how could we possibly find the extra hours to set up an Etsy shop? Truth be told, if you’re ready to make money online, building a foundation to your business has to be a priority. Check out this post with tips on how to start a business while working a full time job.

I know that finding the time can be hard, which is why I broke the course into tasks spanning over just five days. With a couple hours each day, you’ll be ready to launch in less than a week! How does that sound?

How to Launch Your Etsy Shop in Five Days

The course will be available at the end of May, but I’m pre-selling it now at an early bird rate. This ensures you get a great deal and have time to perfect your product before starting the launch process.

Click here to enroll at the discounted early bird rate!

I can’t wait to have you and teach you all the things, from zero to Etsy biz!