I think some of the best Etsy success stories come from people who already have a hobby and make the decision to turn it into a business. They’re already making a product, even possibly have perfected it. Knowing WHAT to sell isn’t a question, because they are super familiar with what they’re doing.

Dreaming of opening an online shop, but not sure what to sell? I'm sharing some product ideas for selling on Etsy!

But what if you want to start an Etsy shop and don’t know what to sell? I’m constantly asked this question from people who are interested in making money online through Etsy but just aren’t sure what type of product to create. I’ve put together a list of over 100 potential product ideas for Etsy and some questions to ask yourself to make sure the product you choose is a good fit!

First, I recommend looking at what you’re drawn to – what do you want to make? Since you’ll be setting up shop around said product, making it over and over again, you should feel some type of way about it!

Think about what types of items you’ve made successfully in the past. What type of Pinterest projects have you created previously that worked out really well? Is there something you make that people constantly give positive feedback on? This is a great starting point for Etsy shop product ideas.

What inspires me?

Hop on over to Pinterest and Etsy and spend some time browsing. Note what type of things inspire you – there are likely ideas on both sites that you may not have even considered. Make a list of everything that peaks your interest, then see if there are any commonalities.

Can I make a profit?

Sure, you want to have fun making whatever product you choose, but it’s also important to consider proft. With your list of ideas, check costs of materials for each and research what the average price point is on Etsy. Is it something that makes sense to create from a business standpoint?

Don’t forget to consider your time when brainstorming potential product ideas. Figure out approximately how long it will take you to make one and an ideal hourly rate. Put these numbers with the cost of materials to ensure you’ll be making a decent profit once the item is created!

product ideas for Etsy sellers

Is this item easy to ship?

The thought of shipping can be overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. In my experience, it’s one of the biggest obstacles that keeps people from getting started on Etsy. You’ll want to make sure that you create a shipping strategy for the product you decide to sell.

Things about the weight, dimensions, and durability of your item. Consider what size boxes you’ll need, if you’ll need special packaging like bubble wrap or packing peanuts, and the total cost (including materials!) to ship.

Read more about my tips for shipping here – including where I buy supplies and my very favorite shipping tool!

How will I market it?

My favorite way to market my Etsy shop is through social media. I love it because it’s free and people are constantly on it! Pinterest is my number one source of traffic, followed by Instagram (check out this post on using Instagram as an Etsy seller).

Decide which platforms will work for the type of product you decide to sell and how you will market it. A few things to consider: Will you have brand ambassadors to help promote your product? Are you going to use paid advertisements to boost your traffic? Can you create hype around a launch or new products?

The type of marketing strategies you use will truly depend on your product, your audience, and your preferences. The options are endless!

Are you excited to open your own shop? Grab my list of over 100 product ideas for Etsy below!