If you’re not using Pinterest to grow your Etsy shop, you are missing out on a huge opportunity! There are 250 million users on Pinterest and 87% have made a purchase because of the platform. People are searching, planning, and purchasing on Pinterest – they’re ready to buy, which is why it’s such a natural fit for Etsy products. 

How to create pins for your Etsy Shop

Before you dive into this post, you might want to check out this one – I’m sharing even more on why I love Pinterest so much (it’s my favorite marketing tool, hands down) and how to set up a business profile connecting your Etsy shop!

So, what the heck do you pin to Pinterest? Well, Pinterest is a visual platform so it’s important that we put our best photos and content forward – just like we do on Etsy. The goal is to have a browser stop their scroll and click on your pin. When they do, they can choose to save your pin for later (repin) or click through to make a purchase on Etsy.

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Pin Directly from your Etsy Shop

First, make sure your Etsy shop is connected to your Pinterest account. You can do this by visiting Settings – Claim – Etsy – Claim and allowing access.

How to connect Pinterest to grow your Etsy Shop

Install the Pinterest extension on your browser to make this super easy. Even without the extension, Etsy still gives you the option to pin a listing on Pinterest – just click “save” next to the Pinterest icon. 

Pin from Etsy

You’ll be taken to Pinterest where you can edit the title/description and choose a board. If you don’t make any changes, the pin will pull the description from your Etsy listing. (You should be using keywords on Etsy anyway, so this makes it easy!) Pick the most relevant board to save your pin to – ta da, you’ve just created a pin!

Pinning directly from Etsy is great. It’s easy, already contains a description, is linked, and adds the pricing. Go through all the photos on the listing to create different pins linked to the same product!

Product Pin from Etsy

Automate with Tailwind

The instructions above are sometimes referred to as “manually pinning”, which can be great when you’re getting familiar with Pinterest. However, you don’t just pin something once or pin everything all at the same time. 

Pinterest rewards users who are adding fresh content to the platform. It sounds super overwhelming, but my favorite way to do this is through Tailwind. Tailwind is Pinterest’s approved scheduling tool – with the Tailwind browser extension, you’ll be able to easily add photos from your Etsy listings. 

With the extension installed, you’ll see the “schedule” button when you hover over your product photo. Once you click this, it will add to your Tailwind queue and schedule out of an optimal time! This makes sure you aren’t clogging up Pinterest or being seen as spam. Tailwind’s SmartGuide feature double checks that your posts are following Pinterest guidelines.

I use Tailwind and highly recommend it for anyone serious about their Pinterest marketing! I couldn’t have reached the growth I have by manually pinning. I spend about one hour every two weeks filling my Tailwind schedule and don’t have to be on Pinterest pinning otherwise.

Tailwind has a trial for new users – test it out for yourself! Get started with 100 free pins right here.

Upload Product Images

Rather than pinning directly from Etsy, you can upload your product photos directly on Pinterest. This is like starting from scratch – you’ll have to add a link, title, and description. 

However, if you have another platform where you sell this is a great option! I typically do both (linking half of my pins to my website shop) to compare which pins get more clicks and convert at a higher rate.

If Etsy is the only place you sell, you can still upload photos directly and manually add the Etsy link. This is a great option if you have additional product photos that aren’t actually on Etsy, but do a good shop showcasing your items.

Upload Pin

In addition to styled photos like flat lays, consider adding photos of your product in use or on a model. Adding customer photos to Pinterest and linking back to your Etsy shop is another idea (just make sure you have their permission!)

Graphics/ Text Overlays

Pinterest reallyyyy wants new, never before seen content – so make a collage, add a text overlay, change up the colors. The goal is to get users to engage, and ultimately click through, so by testing new pin visuals it’s a win-win. Pinterest rewards fresh pins and you’ll see which types of pins spark action with your ideal client.

I’ve had success both with product photos and designed images with text – I think there is a place for both in the marketing world and on Pinterest.

The easiest way to create pins for your Etsy shop is to use Canva. There are built in Pinterest templates, already at the optimized size, where you can add your product photo, drop in some text, and have a really good looking graphic easily. 

I’ll usually copy these and slightly edit either the colors or wording so that I have 4-5 visuals for a single product. The more pins you can create, the better! 

Tailwind, as mentioned in detail above, is perfect for scheduling and automating all the new pins I create.

Use Pinterest’s seasonal insights to create pins that relate to the time of year. Adding wording like “Mother’s Day Gift” or “Back to School Planners” can help create a connection between your product and what your ideal client is searching for! Check out the calendar from Pinterest and see their full insights guide here

Seasonal Insights from Pinterest

Get creative with different wording on the pin images! Some of my favorites are to add the year or season + “trends”. For example, a wedding invitation photo with the text “2020 Wedding Invitation Trends”.

How To/Tutorials

Pinterest is a great place to start a conversation about your product. The pin description can include answers to frequently asked questions, details, a short tutorial, and a call to action. Remember, a lot of people are saving content to refer back to later so providing value will encourage them to repin your listing!

If you are sharing content somewhere outside of Etsy, definitely add that to Pinterest. I recommend all Etsy sellers have a blog as this is a great way to build your brand, create trust, and position yourself as an authority figure. If you haven’t started a blog yet, don’t worry. If you’re interested in adding one, let me know in the comments below! I’ll add a post soon about starting a blog for your Etsy shop.

Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop

These are all ideas for sharing your own work on Pinterest, but keep in mind it’s a collaborative platform! I recommend repinning other content that is in-line with your ideal client, but not directly in competition with what you’re selling. For example, I sell wedding invitations and pin other wedding related content: venues, wedding colors, bridesmaid ideas, etc! Think about what your audience would find valuable and helpful.

How do you feel about using Pinterest for your Etsy shop? Let me know in the comments!